Corridor 8 Interview

2014 by Ali Gunn

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PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS is an exhibition curated by collaborative artists Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent. The exhibition explores the evolution of the manifesto in contemporary art and works inspired by the manifesto format. Driven and…

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The Culture Show

BBC Two, 2010/2011, Episode 4, Rude Britannia

"Andrew Graham-Dixon contemplates the past, present and future of British comic art; Rude Britannia, opening at Tate Britain on the 9th June 2010, Andrew talks to Harry Hill about our peculiarly British sense of humour."

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AnOther magazine - In Pictures

Profile in AnOther Magazine, April 2013

Article in anOther magazine

Text by Ananda Pellerin - a London-based writer and regular contributor to

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The Hecklers (New Art Gallery Walsall)

This Is Tomorrow review by Anneka French

See full text on This is Tomorrow

Percy Bysshe Shelley's epic poem 'The Masque of Anarchy' (1819), an outraged contemporaneous response to the Peterloo Massacre of non-violent social reform protesters, was last month vividly performed for the Manchester International Festival. At almost the same time opened 'The Hecklers’, an exhibition of recent British art practice with an overt political tone.…

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A Longer No Than I Expected, Project Visible, Tate Modern 2013

Made in collaboration with Mally Mallinson with whom Shaun has worked since 2004, A Longer No Than I Expected reflects, responds to, and continues conversations with school groups in front of Thomas Hirschhorn’s Candelabra with Heads...

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Whitechapel Open Barometer For The Best Emerging Artistic Trends

Review by Sharon Strom, Artlyst 2012

Article on Artylist

Art institutions in Britain’s capital city like to jockey for the position of being the epicentre of creativity in London. It seems every exhibition boasts the freshest, newest, most relevant talent to ever show on the London art scene. It’s no surprise then that Whitechapel Gallery suggests their open-submission exhibition called The London Open is a barometer for the…

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All of a Titter at the Tate (Rude Britannia, Tate Britain)

Review by Andrew Graham-Dixon 2010

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Tate Britain's new exhibition, Rude Britannia, takes White's remarks as a starting point for its own explorations. For curator Martin Myrone, comedy and art alike are essentially inexplicable: both are 'beyond words, sense, analysis, a matter of instinct… rather than intellect'...

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Rude Britannia, Tate Britain 2010

Rude Britannia room guide: The Absurd

Listing on the Tate website

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of ‘absurd’ reads ‘Out of harmony with reason or propriety; incongruous, unreasonable, illogical … plainly opposed to reason, and hence, ridiculous, silly’.

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Wheelmeout Interview

Matt Rowe, 2009

Interview © 2009 Wheel Me Out. Read interview on WMO:

Over the past five years Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson have been creating lively art pieces and themed exhibitions using humour and large-scale modelling to critique traditionalism and interrogate received wisdom. Matt Rowe met up with the crack team in their East London studio to talk about evolution, neon and German souvenirs.

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Tesco’s Swinest, Colin Lowe

Colin Lowe, 2 Months of Panic, 2009

First published in Ecce Home Tesco, Airspace Publications 2009

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Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson, Venray NL

Theo Lenders and Pascalle Mansvelders. Published in Different Places - Different Stories 2009

DIFFERENT PLACES - DIFFERENT STORIES 09 20 Kunstprojekte im öffentlichen Raum zwischen Rhein und Maas.

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Finster, Hart und Bedrucken

Bernd Schubert, 2008

Bernd Schubert Published WZ, 9 October 2008

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Lust and Found (Cynthia Broan, NY)

James Westcott, Artnet 2005

[Link to article]

"This Show Is Ribbed for Her Pleasure," July 14-Aug. 20, 2005, at Cynthia Broan Gallery, 546 West 29th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001

Cynthia Broan met Andrew Clarkin and Simon Pittuck, the curators of the Keith Talent gallery (named after the heavy drinking darts player in the Martin Amis novel London Fields) at the Zoo art fair in London…

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King Tat

Peter Bonnell

Published in ‘an Reviews Unedited’,

Peter Bonnell Exhibitions and Education Officer at ArtSway.

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Peristromo Dolorosa

Chris Hammond, Director, MOT International, London

‘On my return from travel, I was roused to a consideration of subjects which I had previously never dreamed of, or thought about, connected with self; and I had such ideas that, had I spoken of them openly, I must, if answered in the world’s fashion, have been told I was unreasonable. I concealed of course, these secret admonitions. I knew not whence they came, although I could not question their propriety nor could I separate…

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Peristroma Dolorosa (MOT International)

By Olly Beck. Published in 2004

One has only to take a brief trip to present day Jerusalem to realize the absurdity and wonderful lunacy of religion. I took that trip once (and therefore forever) and for a few months afterwards I think I went mad. It was a kind of madness the psychologists like to call manic depression (oscillating moods of extreme ups and downs). I’m not so overly happy with that kind of diagnosis: a label that condemns you to a…

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